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Setting Up Global Hotkeys in Winamp

It is possible to control some functions of winamp from within any program window. This is done by setting up what is called global hotkeys.

When you are in the winamp window,

  1. Press control P to get to the preferences menu.
  2. Press the down Arrow key to go through the treeview until you find global hotkeys.
  3. Press tab until you find the global hotkeys enabled checkbox. Press the spacebar to check it.
  4. Press tab until you get to a list of playback controls. The most useful to have set are the play/pause, forward, and rewind controls.
  5. Arrow down to the control that you want to modify. Then press tab until you get to the hotkeys edit box.
  6. Press a key or a combination of keys that you want to use.
  7. Tab to the set button, and press the spacebar to activate it.
  8. Do this for every control you want to modify, using a different key or combination of keys for each.
    Note: the function keys are good to use here. Make sure to use a function key that is not used, for example, the F1 key would not be a good choice because it is usually the help key in most programs. An example of useful function keys would be F10 for play/pause, F9 for rewind, and F11 for forward.
    Note: Sometimes winamp will add the shift key to the key you have selected as your hotkey. If this happens, check the list for duplicate entries. If you find a duplicate entry, delete it and try modifying the other entry to exclude the shift key. You may have to try to modify an entry more than once.
  9. Tab to the Close button and press the spacebar. You've configured winamp for using global hotkeys.

This Helpful Hint was submitted by Arlene.

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