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Spell Checking emails automaticly before you send them in Outlook Express

You can set Outlook Express to spell check all outgoing emails before they are sent. Your emails will look more professional and be easier to read.

To set Outlook Express to automaticly spell check your emails before they are sent, do the following:

  1. When in Outlook Express, press Alt T at the same time to open the Tools Menu.
  2. Press the letter O to select the Options menu or down arrow to the Options mmenu item and press enter. The Options Dialogue box will pop up and you will be in the General tab.
  3. Press Control Tab until you are at the Spelling tab. You will be on a Check box that reads Always check spelling before sending. Check this box by pressing the spacebar if you want to check spelling on all out going messages.
  4. Tab to the OK button and press the spacebar. The other options default should be adequate for most users so you do not need to change them.

This helpful hint submitted by Suzanne/ Marsha.

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