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Creating Folders in My Documents

This tip can be used to create folders in any folder of your hard drives.

  1. First, you have to go to My Documents. There are several ways of doing this.
    • Press the Windows key (the start key) and the letter M at the same time. This will minimize all your windows and place you on your desktop. Press the letter M until you hear My Documents. Press enter on it to go in the folder.
    • Or, you can press the windows Key and the letter E to open Windows Explorer. You will be placed on the My Computer item in the tree view. Up arrow once to My Documents. Tab once to the file list, and you are now in My Documents.
  2. Press alt and F at the same time to open the file menu.
  3. You should hear "New." If you do not, arrow down until you do and press enter. This will open a sub menu.

  4. The first item in this menu is Folder. If it isn't, use the arrow keys and find Folder. Press enter on the menu item. You will be placed in an edit field with the words New Folder in it. Press the delete key to remove this text and type the folder name you want to create and press Enter. The new folder is now in your “My Documents” folder.

This tip suggested by Suzanne/ Marsha Scearce

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