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Changing a Ddocument's Orientation from Portrait to Landscape in Microsoft Word

Please note that the steps in this tip may varry depending on your version of Microsoft Word.

After opening a new document before you start typing, do the following steps:

  1. Open the file menu by pressing alt and F at the same time. Arrow down to the "Page Ssetup" menu item and press Enter. You should hear "Page Setup Margins page".
  2. Press control and tab at the same time to switch tabs. You should hear "Paper Size tab".
  3. Press the tab key until you hear "Portrait radio button checked".
  4. Press the down arrow key once and select the landscape radio button.
  5. Tab to the OK button and press spacebar. The dialogue box disappears and you are finished. Your document is modified. You can start typing.

This tip submitted by. Suzanne/ Marsha Scearce.

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