Presented by the Members of Out-Of-Sight
September 21, 2013

How It All Started!

One Saturday night, we were all sitting on the Front Porch after an excellent time from our On Stage event, just chatting along with a mug of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows in our hands. We started to marvel about the fact that we have so many members from around the world participating on the site, and wondered about how great it would be if we could all sing a song together somehow?

So, here is the project we dreamed up. Members signed up to either sing a line in a song, or speak a welcome greeting to the site. Recording sessions were scheduled, and after several months, 101 members had participated in this huge undertaking! The heartfelt and fitting song that was chosen for this project, was Michael Jackson and Lionel Richieís, We are the World, which was originally released in March, 1985 by USA for Africa.

By the power of technology and audio editing programs, this memorable recording finally made its long awaited debut on September 21st, 2013!
Proving, of course, that no matter what country we call home, no matter how many oceans separate us, and no matter the language we speak, we all share a common bond, called friendship. As the poem says,
Though miles may lie between us,
We are never far apart.
For friendship doesnít count the miles
Itís measured by the heart.

Listen to Out Of Sight members perform We Are The world Download the We Are The World zip file

Members Who Made It All Happen!

Below is the entire list of participants singing or extending greetings in alphabetical order by first name in this project. Listed below that, is the list of 29 singers by appearance in the We are the World song.

List of All Participants

1. Aaron Prevost, from Ontario, Canada
2. Anders Gotenstedt, from Sweden
3. Andrew Jinx, from Wales
4. Angie Robinson, from New York
5. Ann Smith, from Indiana
6. Anton Mijatovic, from Ontario, Canada
7. Ashish Singla, from India
8. BC Starkson, from Georgia
9. Bernadine Mooney, from Nova Scotia, Canada
10. Bill Cameron, from Indiana
11. Bob Bartlett, from Texas
12. Bob Tullis, from Arizona
13. Brenda Green, from Nova Scotia, Canada
14. Bruce Stockler, from Illinois
15. Charles Rivard, from Oklahoma
16. Charlie Barnett, from Texas
17. Cheryl Spencer, from Florida
18. Cynna Anderson, from Massachusetts
19. Cynthia Owusu, from Michigan
20. Dacia Luck, from Missouri
21. Dan Kiely, from Michigan
22. Dan Tavares, from Brazil
23. Debi Chatfield, from Arizona
24. Della Lausch, from Toronto, Canada
25. Devon Wilkins, from Ontario, Canada
26. Duncan Callum, from Manitoba, Canada
27. Ed Collins, from Tennessee
28. Eddie Cisneros, from North Carolina
29. Erika Santiago, from Massachusetts
30. Fran Avila, from Texas
31. Fran Vitulla, from Florida
32. Francois Marais, from South Africa
33. Franklin Johnson, from Missouri
34. Gary Kettler, from Texas
35. Glenda Johnson, from Nova Scotia, Canada
36. Harrison Tu, from Texas
37. Hayden Sas, from China
38. Helena Short, from Ontario, Canada
39. Hugh Gillis, from Alabama
40. Jack De Oliveira, from Colorado
41. Jeff Bush, from Indiana
42. Jeff Xion, from California
43. Jerry Hogan, from Texas
44. Jim Ashley, from California
45. Joe Gallipeau, from Missouri
46. Joey Troy, from England
47. John Chatfield, from Arizona
48. John Conley, from Texas
49. John Horna, from Virginia
50. John Williams, from Florida
51. Karen Santiago, from Massachusetts
52. Kate Dolosa, from Washington State
53. Kathy Chevalier, from Iowa
54. Kathy Mertz, from California
55. Katie Chandler, from Oklahoma
56. Kaye Zimpher, from Georgia
57. Lawrence MacLellan, fromSaskatchewan, Canada
58. Lee Richards, from West Virginia
59. Lera Scott, from Florida
60. Lewis Crack, from England
61. Linda Knights, from Maine
62. Lisa Filroy, from Missouri
63. Loto Lealimatafao, from California
64. Mark Dew, from Missouri
65. Mark Schiffmacher, from Oregon
66. Mary Luo, from China
67. Mike Arrigo, from Missouri
68. Mike Everett, from North Carolina
69. Mike Malarsie, from Texas
70. Mohit Singla, from India
71. Morety Worthington, from Wisconsin
72. Muzaffar Ali, from Pakistan
73. Nadeera Broome, from Barbados
74. Nat Armeni, from British Columbia, Canada
75. Nicky Roos, from South Africa
76. Pam McCain, from New York
77. Patty Iorio, from Connecticut
78. Paula Barton, from California
79. Rhonda Williams, from New Jersey
80. Rich De Steno, from New Jersey
81. Rich Kelly, from Iowa
82. Rishi Mac, from Trinadad and Tibego
83. Roger Khouri, from Ontario, Canada
84. Ron Nurse, from Ontario, Canada
85. Ron Schamerhorn, from Ontario, Canada
86. Ronny Kimbrell, from South Carolina
87. Russell Schermer, from California
88. Ryan Peach, from Alberta, Canada
89. Soundarya Pradhan, from India
90. Steven Cantos, from Toronto, Canada
91. Sue Burdyshaw, from Washington State
92. Suzy Barnes, from Tennessee
93. Tali Sarnetzky, from Israel
94. Terra Peterson, from Tennessee
95. Terry Scott, from Florida
96. Thom Spittle, from South Carolina
97. Tim Reid, from West Virginia
98. Todd Freitas, from California
99. Tracy Spittle, from South Carolina
100. Victor Chan, from California
101. Walt Cone, from Michigan

List of 29 performers in order of their appearance in the song

1. Todd Freitas
2. Ron Nurse
3. Eddie Cisneros
4. Charlie Barnett
5. John Horna
6. Harrison Tu
7. Linda Knights
8. Terra Peterson
9. Suzy Barnes
10. Kathy Chevalier
11. Debi Chatfield
12. Nadeera Broome
13. Tim Reid
14. Pam McCain
15. Kaye Zimpher
16. Erika Santiago
17. Roger Khouri
18. BC Starkson
19. Jim Ashley
20. Fran Avila
21. Tom Spittle
22. Kathy Mertz
23. Pam McCain
24. Kate Dolosa
25. Rich De Steno
26. Dan Tavares
27. Anders Gotenstedt
28. Nadeera Broome
29. Kaye Zimpher
30. Lee Richards
31. Helena Short
32. Debi Chatfield
33. Roger Khouri
34. Tom Spittle
35. Kate Dolosa
36. Ronny Kimbrell
37. Rich De Steno
38. Suzy Barnes
39. Harrison Tu

Thanks goes out to all members, as it is you who make this truly an Out of Sight place to be!