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Making a Place Marker on a Web Page with Jaws

This tip is for Jaws users.

This tip works with versions of Jaws 7.0 and up and all versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

According to Freedom Scientific, placeMarkers allow you to quickly and easily navigate to commonly used areas of your favorite Web pages or HTML documents. You can use PlaceMarkers to jump between certain areas of a page, mark important sections of an HTML document, or indicate key form elements. For example, you could use PlaceMarkers to move to required fields in a complicated form or specific paragraphs in a long HTML document.

In this tip, we will create a place marker for the occupied rooms link on the main Out of Sight locator screen.

In Internet Explorer or Firefox,

  1. Go to the Out of Sight Locator page, and arrow to the link that reads Display Occupied Rooms.
  2. Press Control, Shift, K at the same time. The Place Marker Dialogue box will open.
  3. Tab to the Add Button and hit the spacebar. The text in the line you selected will be placed in an edit field. This field is the name of your marker. You can rename it by typing another name or accept it by pressing Enter.

If you want to go to your place marker, just press the letter K while on the page.

This helpful hint submitted by Suzanne/ Marsha.

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