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Changing the font and size in Microsoft Word

Please note that this tip may not work on your computer. The steps may differ depending on your version of Microsoft Word.

Some of the commands given in this tip are Jaws keystrokes. You will be told when this is the case.

To change the fontin a document in Microsoft word, do the following:

  1. To check the font and it's size, if you are using Jaws, press the insert key on the numeric keypad and the letter F at the same time. You will hear the current font and size as well as other information pertaining to the font.
  2. First, you must select the text you want to change. You can do this by selecting the text with the normal text selection keys. If you want to select the entire document, press the control key and the A key at the same time.
  3. Press the Applications key, or use the right mouse button. This will bring up a context menu. Arrow down to Font and press Enter. The Font dialogue box will pop up.
  4. Here you can change the font, size, and appearance. Tab around and explore your choices. In this case, to change the font, tab to the font drop down list and arrow up and down to change the font. To change the size, tab down to the size drop down list and up and down arrow to select your font size.
  5. Tab down to OK and press the Spacebar. The dialogue box disappears and you are back in your document. Arrow up and down, and press Insert and the letter F (This is a Jaws command,) to hear if the font has changed.


This tip has been suggested by Suzanne/ Marsha Scearce.

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