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Creating Filter Rules in Outlook Express

These rules are intended for Outlook Express, version 5 and above. Be sure to read each instruction completely before performing the action.

These instructions show you how to move incoming emails to a different folder depending on their subject line. This is great for sorting emails from Google Groups or Yahoo Groups.

  1. Press alt and the letter t. This will take you to the tools menu.
  2. Press the letter r, you will hear "Message Rules."
  3. You have three choices, "Mail" should be selected by default and that's the one you want. Press enter. This will place you in the mail rules page.
  4. You will be placed in the rules list view. You want to tab one time. You will hear "New." Press Enter here. If this is your first filter rule, it is likely you will not find a "New" button. Simply move to the next step.
  5. You are placed in a criteria list, I always arrow down to where it says, the subject line contains and press the spacebar.
  6. Then tab once. You are placed in an actions list view. The first option is move it to a specified folder, press your spacebar on this option.
  7. Next tab, you will hear "Rule Description. Click on a value to edit it. Arrow down once and you should hear "Where the subject line contains specific words", press enter.
  8. You will be placed in an edit box. Type the name for your list, in this case we'll say What's Happening". This will place a filter on the Out of Sight Announcement List. Ptab to add andPress Enter.
  9. Then tab to ok, press space.
  10. You will then be taken back to section three. Arrow down until you here move it to the specified folder, specified, press enter.
  11. This will place you in your folder list. use the arrow keys until you hear the folder name where you want to move the emails. Once you have selected the folder, tab to ok and press enter.
  12. Tab once and you will be placed in a rule name field.
  13. Use your delete key to erase the text currently in this field and then type the name of your list. This will also be the name of your filter rule.
  14. Tab to the ok button and press spacebar. This will take you back to the rules list page.
  15. Tab until you hear "Apply Now." Press spacebar.
  16. Tab to "Select all and press the spacebar.
  17. Then tab until you hear "Apply now. Press spacebar. You will hear a message telling you rules have been applied.
  18. Press enter on the ok button.
  19. Tab to the close button and press Space. You will then be back in the main rules page.
  20. Tab to the OK button and press the spacebar. Congratulations, You have done it! You have created a filter.

This helpful hint was submitted by Abby Spillman.

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