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Creating and Sending an Email withOutlook Express

If you are using Outlook Express, follow the steps below to create and send an email.

  1. Once you're in Outlook Express, Press Control and N at the same time. This will open up a new email message.
  2. You will hear "New Message" and your cursor will be on the To field.
  3. Type the email address of the person to whom you wish to send a message.
  4. Press tab. You will be in the CC field. If you wish to send your message to several people, type their names in this field. Remember to separate the addresses with a comma. Please remember, if you are going to send the email to several people, use the BCC field. This prevents users from seeing all the people you are sending your messages to, and also it makes it easy for people to reply to or forward your email.
  5. Press Tab. You will either land on the BCC field if it is enabled or in the Subject field. If you are on the BCC field, you can type addresses in this field separated by a comma. If you are on the Subject field, type a small subject line.
  6. Tab once and you will be in the body of your message. Type your message.
  7. When you are done typing your message, press the Alt key and the letter S to send your message. The email will be sent and the window will close. Congratulations, you've sent your email.

This tip suggested by Suzanne/ Marsha

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