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Downloading and Installing the Talking Communities Chat Client

In order to install the chat client to have access to our chat rooms, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our main locator and login using the username and password you were given.
  2. Tab to the link First Time users click here to download the plugin. and press Enter and a download dialogue box will appear.
  3. This dialogue box offers you the choice of saving or running the client. the client must be run in order to be installed so tab to run and press the spacebar. If you wish to save the client you may do so, but be sure to run it after you have downloaded it. You will not be able to enter any of our rooms if the client is not installed.
  4. The Client's setup screen will then be displayed. Follow the prompts. The client will then be installed on your computer. You will be presented with a Finish button press the spacebar on it to close the chat client installation. You are now ready to enter any of our chat rooms. The first time you enter a room, you may be asked to update the client. Do so.

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