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1. Welcome to our Out-Of-Sight community! We hope your visit here will be entertaining, fun and a source of learning.
2. Our site consists of two types of rooms:
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a. General: = These rooms are meant for people of all ages. No foul language or topics of an adult nature are to be discussed in these rooms. Children may be present.
b. Mature: = These rooms are designed for adults only, some topics of mature content may be discussed in these rooms.
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3. Log in Procedures:
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. a. When you signed on, you provided us with a user name and password. You may not share this information with others and loan your username or password to other individuals.
. b. Our site allows users to change and modify their profiles. While you need a valid e-mail address when you sign up,
it is possible to change or delete this address in your profile once you have joined. Spot checks will be made frequently to ensure that a valid email address is associated with your user name.
Should your email address be invalid or missing, your site privileges will be suspended until you contact the Out-Of-Sight management to provide a new and valid e-mail address.
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4. Chat Room Etiquette:
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. a. When you enter our various chat rooms, you are requested to participate. You can not enter a room and not participate.
You will need a microphone to interact with others in the rooms as this site is a voice chat site.
If you have not spoken in a reasonable amount of time, moderators may request that you speak. Should they not receive a reply, they have the ability and duty to remove you from the room.
. b. Text chatting is strongly discouraged in our chat rooms. Please limit text chatting to email addresses, web addresses, or assisting with tech support.
. c. Recording either through mechanical or electronic means is prohibited in all our rooms except by authorized individuals.
. d. It is against our policies to be in our chat rooms and access other audio chat rooms or Skype calls simultaneously.
. e. Harassment:
We define Harassment as: List of 7 items nesting level 2
. i. Sexual harassment: Discussions of an explicit sexual or x-rated nature.
. ii. Repeatedly following someone from room to room (stalking).
. iii. Threatening: making statements of a threatening or intimidating nature.
. iv. Religion: Denigrating or imposing your religious views on others.
. v. Racial slurs: making derogatory or inappropriate comments based on race or ethnic origin.
. vi. Making discriminatory remarks based on an individual's sexual orientation,
. vii. Haranguing people or making comments or statements on the basis of physical ability or disability.
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. f. Monopolization of conversation: If one or a few individuals are monopolizing the conversation in a room or holding the key for a long time, (to be determined by the moderator),
the moderator may clear the queue and ask that other persons be allowed to speak.
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5. Noncompliance with policy: four step procedure:
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. a. Upon observation of a violation of our policies, the Moderator will issue a verbal warning.
. b. Upon observation of a second violation the moderator shall inform the moderation committee of the transgression for their review. At this time the committee may:
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. i. Take no action,
. ii. Issue a verbal warning,
. iii. Issue a written warning,
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. c. In the event that a written warning has been issued and a subsequent violation has been observed,
the individual will be summoned to appear before the moderation committee
and one or more of the following actions will be undertaken:
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. i. The member may get a written warning,
. iii. The member may receive a suspension, (duration to be determined by the moderation committee).
. iv. The committee may deem it necessary to bring this issue to the board for review.
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. d. Upon review of the violations the board may choose to take one or more of the following actions:
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. i. The board may choose to take no action.
. ii. The board may choose to issue a temporary suspension of a duration of the boards choosing,
. iii. The board may choose to ban the member permanently from the site.
. iv. The board may wish to take an action not listed here but which they feel may be more appropriate.
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6. A member may have their site privileges fully or partially suspended immediately if:
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. i. A policy violation is so flagrant that immediate suspension is warranted,
. ii. The board feels that the individual has taken an action that may breach site security,
. iii. The member is using our site to engage in the exchange, sale, or promotion of child pornography.
. iv. The member is using our site to engage in software piracy,
. v. The member is using our site to engage in the sale and exchange of illegal drugs,
. vi. The member is using our site to engage in the illegal exchange of copyrighted materials,
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7. Filing a Complaint:
We ask that anyone wishing to file a complaint, be willing to go before a moderation committee if requested. This does not apply if there is a clear fear of physical or mental retaliation.
We strongly discourage anonymous reports. When possible, try to solve any personal disputes you have with another member privately before making a formal complaint.
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If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this policy, please feel free to contact us at:
Email the board

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