Out-Of-Sight News and Views

Issue #4

April 1, 2013


Surprise Announcement


The secret is out! We are thinking about starting a new website called Blind Romance!†† This would be a place to put information about you, your hobbies, interests and what you're looking for in a mate. Our new site will be state of the art and will introduce a geo-targeted love finder and free dating advice. We need your ideas and comments about this new venture. Please go to the end of this newsletter to see the exciting details!


Greetings from our President


Spring is slowly trying to dominate our landscape after a long struggle with old man winter and I am convinced, that in the end spring will prevail.


As trees and plants bud and blossom into a colorful panorama all around us, we become more buoyant and energetic and are ready to embrace the bright and sunny future that is unfolding before us.


Members and management alike are budding and blossoming with new and exciting ideas for Out-Of-Sight which will culminate into new events, games and projects to be enjoyed by all of our membership from around the world.The more all of us invest our time and varied talents, the more Out-Of-Sight becomes the place to be where lifetime friendships are forged, support from caring and loving and loyal friends is freely given and valuable educational opportunities offered.


The newsletter staff has been diligently working this past month to put together another edition for all of us which will be both informative and interesting to our readers.

If you have any ideas of other things you would like to see addressed in this newsletter format, contact us at:


Best Regards,

Lee Richards




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Word on the Street


  • Bon Voyage to Carol Taylor as she sails away on April 6 for a weekís cruise to the Grand Turks, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and Aruba!Have a great time!
  • Great news!Congratulations to Cynthia and Bernard as they come one step closer to living happily together here in the United States! Bernard will soon have his interview, and hopefully, the immigration process will run smoothly from here on out!
  • Hooray!Prayers have been answered for Katie!The landlord has had a change of heart, and will not sell the home Katie is renting from her!Katie will be able to stay in the home she loves so much! Ah, home sweet home!
  • Applause!Applause!Diane Pierce was honored on February 27th with the title of Reverend.Congratulations Reverend Pierce!
  • Wedding bells!Congratulations to Charlie and Arcy on their marriage, which took place on August 24th! Best wishes to the happy couple!
  • Woo hoo!Jim Ashleyís grandson has become the state of Georgiaís wrestling champion in the heavy weight division!He is also attempting to get into the Air Force Academy!Wow!Way to go!
  • One of our international members, Kelsey Trevett, from London, will be performing as a Goldfish in the play, Atlantis from April 4th to April 7th.Break a leg Kelsey! Or, is it break a fin! Smirk!
  • Ouchy!Ron Nurse has accidently broken part of his foot, but it seems to be healing up well.Here is wishing you a speedy recovery Ron!
  • Wonderful news!Hugh Gillis has spent three days in the hospital due to dehydration.He has made a fast recovery, and is feeling even better than before!Great to have you back Hugh!

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We look forward to sharing your news with our extended family, here on Out-Of-Sight!


Guess Who Just Took Another Trip Around the Sun?


Help us celebrate our April birthdays:


April 1, Tom-Kinne Ė Tom Kinney, from Florida.

April 2, Aaron Ė Aaron Prevost, from Canada.

April 2, Chatterbox, Angie Robinson, from New York.

April 3, Kylie, Alison Pointon, from England.

April 9, Lamby, April Smith, from North Carolina.

April 10, Piano Joe, Joe Giovanelli, from Virginia.

April 15, Blind Justice, Alan Dicey, from Florida.

April 15, Kristy Stichter, Kristy Stichter.

April 20, Ylaya, Ylaya Palma, from the Philippines.

April 21, Chew Chew Charlie, Charlie Richardson, from California.

April 21, Mossback, Morey Worthington.

April 24, Mary Ann Prigge, Mary24, from Ohio.

April 27, Ash2013, Ashish Singla, from India.

April 27, Gary Ketler, Gary Ketler, from Texas.

April 30, Bama Girl, Karla Todd.


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Member Spotlight

Debi Chatfield

By Karen Santiago


Debi, also known as Miss Behaving, has been actively involved in Out-Of-Sight since its beginning in January, 2008. She serves on the board as Secretary, Events Coordinator, and recently as the Editor of the siteís News & Views newsletter.If that is not enough, she is also on the board of the following organizations:

  • Arizona Governorís Council on Blindness and Visual Impairment
  • National Federation of the Blind of Arizona
  • National Association of Blind Veterans

Debi loves to workout and hike. In fact, she hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in just one day! What an accomplishment.Debi enjoys the ability to meet people from around the world on Out-Of-Sight. It is wonderful to be able to have such a gathering place to connect with other people, she said. It is like her extended family. She, and others, can share laughs, tears, stories, useful resources, and so much more. It is her hope that Out-Of-Sight will continue for many years, as a great meeting place for people to chat, play games, learn, and make long lasting friendships.


Event of the Month

Word Burst

By Charles Rivard


Anagrams are words made up of some or all of the letters within a word.For example, look at the word TABLE.By moving letters around, you can find TAB, ABLE, TALE, BELT, and so on.Thatís easy enough, right?Basically, thatís this game in a nut shell.Two teams compete for the highest score.One point per word, unless you find an anagram that contains all of the letters in the original word, such as, in our example, BLEAT!, which is worth 2 points.This is known as a ďbonus wordí.Team captains are chosen, but they donít do much.At the start of each of the 4 rounds, Kathy gives 2 words to choose from.The first team discusses which word they would like to work with.They then are given 2 minutes to call out anagrams found in that word, one word per key up.Prior to the game, Kathy wrote down 10 anagrams for each word.The team gets a point for each word they call out that is on her list.After the 2 minutes are up, she tells which words were correctly found, and the other team then is given 30 seconds to find the remaining anagrams on her list.Then, team 2 gets 2 minutes to work with the other of the two original words for that round, the correct ones are revealed, and team 1 has 30 seconds to find those remaining.In round 2, the other team chooses first, and the game progresses.You do not have to be a good speller to be good at this game.The longest words to work from are 7 letters in length.Anagrams may be 2 or more letters in length, and abbreviations are allowed, such as BRB for Be Right Back, as long as you spell and say your anagram, which you must do on any word you find.Proper names are not allowed, unless they also have a meaning other than, letís say, a name, such as Sue.Sue is a womanís name, but it is OK to use, because it is also a legal action.This is a challenging but fun game, trying to beat the clock and score more than the other team.Sometimes, someone else will say the word you have in mind, and you have to come up with another, but thatís part of the fun and challenge of the game.Join our host Kathy Mertz every Sunday evening at 9:15 PM eastern in the Game Zone, for this really neat game!


The Book Shelf


Do you love to curl up with a good book?Been meaning to read that best seller?Here are two of our book club selections.They are to be read for our next book club meeting, which will be held, Friday, April 19, at 8:00 PM eastern, in the Library.See you there!


The Gold Coast

DB 31171

Author:Nelson DeMill

Reading Time:19 hours, 56 minutes

Read by:Christopher Hurt

Genre:General, Bestsellers

Lawyer John Sutter and his wife Susan, are members of the very, very rich Long Island community known as the Gold Coast.Into the community comes Mafia don Frank Bellarosa, who is looking for some peace and quiet. The Sutterís lives soon become entwined with Bellarosaís when John is caught by the IRS, and Bellarosa is charged with a drug related murder.Strong language and descriptions of sex. Bestseller 1990.††††


The Racketeer

DB 75597

Author:John Grisham

Reading Time:12 hours, 0 minutes

Read by:John Polk

Genre:Legal Fiction, Bestsellers

Falsely imprisoned for money laundering, small town Virginia attorney Malcom Bannister jumps at the chance to trade information for freedom, and fingers escapee Quinn Rucker for the murder of a Federal judge.Bannister slips away with a new face, a new name, and an agenda.Some strong language.Bestseller 2012.††††††††††


Geek Gossip

On or Off

By Charles Rivard


When you have finished using your desktop PC for the day, do you leave it running?Or do you turn it off?Why do you do what you do?This has been a controversy for a long time.Some people leave their machines on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.They have their machine set to do any updating and virus scanning done overnight while they sleep.Plus, the hard drive does not have to grind into action when they turn the machine on.They feel that there is less wear and tear on the drive.


On the other hand, memory management used to be a big factor.With the advent of Windows 7 and 8, this is not as big of an issue as it once was.It is still a good idea to at least reboot your machine once a day to really restore memory usage.Also, your fan and other computer components are using electricity when running.If youíre not using the PC for the rest of the day, why not turn it off and save electricity.Itís sort of like leaving the fridge open all the time to save wear and tear on the door hinges, plus you donít have to open the door to see what you want to eat.Personally, Iíd rather close the door until I need to have it open.Itís better for the food, or in this case, the parts of the PC.And Iíd rather save electricity and money in my wallet.


A Seed is Planted

Getting Started

By Karen Santiago


I hope wherever you are, spring is in the air! Now is the perfect time to start planting. So letís get growing!


Growing from Seeds:


1. What You Need:


  • Containers, (planting flats, small containers like yogurt cups, egg cartons, etc.).
  • Potting mix, (soilless is best).
  • Seeds, (your choice).
  • Markers and labels.
  • Plastic bags or covers.
  • Water.
  • Light, (sun or florescent plant light).


2.†† Preparing the Potting Mix: (soilless and no need for added fertilizer):


  • Loosen & dampen mix before you put it into your seed starting containers. It is easier to get a uniform level of moisture if you do it this way.
  • Dampen the mix to the consistency of a rung-out sponge. It should be wet, but not dripping, with any dry lumps.
  1. Filling the Containers:
  • Use the pre-dampened potting mix to fill your seed starting containers.
  • Donít pack the potting mix into the container.†††
  • Fill about two thirds full, and tap the container on the table top to help the potting mix settle.
  • Gently firm with your hand or small board.
  1. Planting the Seed:
  • Make sure you read the seed package for special instructions.Some seeds may require a period of pre-chilling or soaking.
  • Small seeds can be sprinkled on the top of the potting mix.Larger seeds can be counted out and planted individually.
  • Use at least three seeds per container, because not all seeds will germinate, and not all that do germinate will survive. You can thin extras out later.
  1. Finishing Planting:
  • Cover the seeds with damp soil, and gently firm again.
  • Recheck your seed packet for information on how much potting mix should go on top of the seeds.Generally, the smaller the seed, the less you need to cover them.
  • Sprinkle a few drops of water on the top soil to prevent it from drying out.
  1. Greenhouse Effect, (Covering your seeds):
  • Place the whole container into a plastic bag, cover with a sheet of plastic, or if using seed starting trays with plastic covers, use those.
  • Heat:Move your container to a warm, draft free spot, and check it daily. Most seeds germinate the best when the temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.The top of a refrigerator is an ideal spot.
  • Light and air: In general, seeds will not need light until they emerge.They will need air circulation under the plastic, or you will be encouraging mold.
  1. First Signs of Life:
  • First Signs of Growth:Once your seedlings begin poking through the soil, they will start to straighten up and unfurl.What look like two leaves will appear.These are actually two leaf like structures called, Cotyledons, that are part of the seed and serve as food sources until true leaves are formed, and the plant is capable of photosynthesis.
  • At this point, you should remove the plastic and move your seedlings under a light source.
  • The seedlings will need between 12 to 18 hours of light each day.This may seem extreme, but artificial light and even the low rays of the winter sun are not as intense as full summer sun.††
  • True Leaves:As the seedling grows, the Cotyledons will wither, and what ar called the first quote True Leaves end quote, will form.This is when your seedling begins actively photosynthesizing.Since it is growing in a soilless mix, you will need to give it some supplemental feeding at this point.Use a balanced fertilizer, or one high in nitrogen and potassium, to encourage good roots and healthy growth.
  1. Potting Up:
  • Seedlings can remain in their original containers until you are ready to plant them in their permanent spots. However, it is common to move the seedlings into a larger pot once several sets of leaves have formed, and the seedling is a couple of inches tall.This is called quote potting up end quote, and it allows the roots more room to develop.
  • Three to four inch pots are good sizes to pot up to, allowing plenty of room for root growth.
  • Thinning: If more than one seedling is growing in the same pot, either separate the seedlings into individual pots, or cut off all but the strongest seedling.Do not try and pull out the extra seedlings, since this might hurt the roots of the seedling you are keeping.
  1. Hardening Off:
  • By the time the temperature warms outside, you should have stocky, healthy young plants.
  • Before moving them out into the garden, take a week or two to gradually introduce them to their new growing conditions.This is called Hardening Off.This gives the plants a chance to acclimate to sunlight, drying winds, and climate changes.
  • Move the plants to a shady spot for increasing amounts of time, several days in a row.
  • Bring them in or cover them if the temperature looks like it will dip.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time they spend outside, and the amount of sunlight they receive until you see that they are growing strong and appear ready to go out on their own.
  • Water your seedlings well before and after transplanting, and try not to transplant during the hottest, sunniest part of the day.

If you have a question about this section or would like a specific gardening topic covered, please email us at:



Gadgets and Gizmos

Mobile Phone Tricks

By Kate Dolosa


Do you own one of the most popular gadgets nowadays called mobile phones?I bet you do!Well, here are some tricks you probably did not know your mobile phones can do.There are a few things that can be done in times of emergencies, and your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.Check out the things that you can do with it.


1. Emergency Number.

The Emergency Number worldwide for all Mobile Phones is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and your mobile will search any existing network in your area to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. This works on all phones worldwide and is free. It is the equivalent of 000.


2. Does your car have remote keyless entry?

This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car, and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end, and your car will unlock. This saves someone from having to drive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be thousands of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other remote for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk).


3. Hidden Battery Power.

Here is something you can do when your phone is almost dead: press the keys *3370# (remember the asterisk).Your mobile will restart in a special way with a new reserve and the instrument will show a 50 percent increase in battery life. This reserve will get recharged when you charge your mobile next time. This secret is in the fine print in most phone manuals.Most people however skip this information without realizing.




4. How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone.

To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # Ensure you put an asterisk BEFORE the #06# sequence.A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone ever gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset.So even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it cannot use or sell it either. If everybody would do this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

This secret is also in the fine print of most mobile phone manuals.It was created for the very purpose of trying to prevent phones from being stolen.


Although this last one does not have anything to do with mobile phones, it is very good information to remember just in case.


5. ATM PIN Number Reversal.

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to the location. All ATMís carry this emergency sequencer by law.This information was recently broadcast on by Crime Stoppers.However, it is seldom used because people just do not know about it.


NLS Nationwide Survey


From March 11 to May 10 the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) is conducting a survey to understand how to better serve the needs of readers of talking books and Braille. Take the survey now to let your opinions be heard and help us better serve you! To take the survey online or to learn more about it, go to www.LibraryOfCongressSurvey.org. Or, you can call 1-866-545-1618 to schedule a time to take the survey over the phone. You do not have to be a current NLS reader to take the survey. The 25 minute survey is designed to learn more about your experiences with talking books and Braille, what types of talking book and Braille materials and services you are looking for, and what NLS can do to get you interested in the free Library of Congress talking book and Braille program. If you arenít currently using NLS, let us know what services you want and how we can add you to our list of NLS readers. If you are a current NLS reader, let us know what we are doing well, where we can improve, and what new services you would like NLS to offer. Your answers to the survey questions will be kept confidential. Take the survey now to help Library of Congress NLS better serve all readers who use talking books and Braille!


Dog Gone It

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

By Charles Rivard


This month, I thought I would talk about part of the experience of getting a dog guide. Although schools might do it differently, I believe that all of them have the same goal in mind.That goal is to satisfy both the human and the dog.From this point on, keep in mind that I will tell you about my personal experiences at Guide Dogs for the Blind Incorporated.I am working my fifth dog from there.I have gone nowhere else, because I have gotten 5 excellent guides from there, and if it ainít broke, donít fix it!


One of the questions they ask you during your initial interview is, quote What are your preferences, if any?Breed?Male or female?And why? End quote.After you arrive at the school, before you get your dog, the instructors will ask you the same thing.Be honest with your answers.It will pay big dividends in the long run.They also ask you what traits you want in a dog.Do you like a puppyish dog that likes to play rough and energetically?, or do you want a more laid back and easy going dog?They consider, and ask you about, your environment.Do you work, and in what type of an office, or are you traveling a lot?They consider your home environment.Do you have other pets and what are they like?


A lot of people have a misconception that I would like to focus on for this month.They think that you will get the dog you ask for every time.This is not the case!The dog you will get is what the school staff feel will be the best guide for you.You may want a female black Lab that is an energetic player.You may get a male yellow Lab that is laid back and easy going, because you may not be strong enough to handle a rambunctious beast!The dog that you wanted may be a very fast walker and a hard puller that you could not work well with.So guess what you will get?Right.Youíll get the best guide for you and your home surroundings.While it is true that the staff will try, and try is the key word here, to match your desires as best as they can, they may have a better guide in mind for you.This is especially true if you are going to be working with a dog guide for the first time.If you have had previous guides, they can look through your past records and get a good feel for the dog you want or need from there, as well as your feedback to them at this time.Your wants and needs will have changed over the years, and they will certainly consider those wants and needs.In my case, seeing as I have worked with dogs since 1977, they can pretty much tell which dog will be right for me when I arrive at the school. You find out what comes next in next monthís article.


In My Opinion

The World of the Sighted

By Joe Giovanelli


There was an article in last month's Out-Of-Sight newsletter, in which the writer stated the importance of blind friends in her life.Although I do not discount this, I have to say that the world in which I live is a sighted person's world.


I can make such a statement based on experience.From my earliest days in a school for the blind I noticed that many blind kids were more childish than they should be.They would utter odd sounds and make statements just for the sounds they made.Some blind people call those things blindisms.These things often persist into adulthood.


At the time I was to graduate from high school, I found that many colleges were reluctant to accept me because of my blindness.


Later I discovered that most employment possibilities were closed to me for that same reason.Fortunately I'm pretty good at problem solving.I reasoned that if I could not find employment, I'd start my own business.


I ended up doing two basic things:I became a tech writer for a leading magazine which was devoted to high fidelity sound reproduction.I was the most popular writer there and did this for more than 40 years, until the magazine closed its doors.


The second thing I did was to start my own recording business.Over the many years I did this work, I recorded everything from weddings to funerals; music to dramas.It was wonderful that people were willing to pay me for what I would have done for free!


Along the way I made many friends, mostly sighted ones.I certainly do have friends who are blind, and am glad to have them.I do say that the preponderance of my friends are sighted because I spent my life with sighted people.There were those who wanted me to join organizations which are dedicated to serving the blind.I have not joined any of these.I know that quite a few of them do very well in serving and fostering the interests of the blind.


I hope that I do not appear snobbish.For me, well, it is just plain reality.If this was so, then I would not be writing an article for this newsletter.Come to think of it, this fact contradicts in a small way my saying that I have not joined any organization related to blindness.Oh well, I guess that tells you that I am not perfect, right?


Healthy Choice, Healthy Living

An Introduction

By Lawrence MacLellan


I was asked to contribute something to the newsletter each month, and I am happy to do so.My background is in fitness and health, and I would like to begin by giving you an introduction about who I am. I have always been interested in fitness, health, keeping in shape, and watching what I eat.Not to an extreme, but to ensure I stay in good health. I have been involved a lot in sports, power lifting, wrestling, and track and field over the years, and though I have RP, my vision has been good enough to participate in these activities with little difficulty.For eight years, I worked in a health club.The last two years of that employment, I ran the menís program, and set people up with personalized exercise and nutrition programs.During the past 19 years, I have worked full time as a Reflexologist and continue to motivate my clients to make healthy choices every day. With this background in mind, I offer my experience and knowledge to you, and hopefully, this will motivate you to live your best and healthiest life!††


I must say at the outset, that if you have a medical condition or take prescribed medicines, you may want to consult with your physician.However, the information I am offering is quite sensible and not extreme in nature.††


The health of all of us is our responsibility, and it relies on the choices we make every day.For the next several months, I will be providing detailed information about hydration, exercise, nutrition, sleep, attitude, energy, stress and other relevant subjects. My suggestion to you, is that you make one healthy choice at a time. If you go overboard and attempt to change your lifestyle all at once, it can become discouraging.Choose one of the following challenges, to get a jump start on your road to good health!Add another challenge when you feel comfortable.††††


  • Increase your water intake.

Try to ensure that you are drinking about half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. If you are taking medication which restricts your fluid intake, try to make those fluids water as well. Soda, coffee, and alcohol may be fluids, but water is much better for you.If you have trouble drinking this much water, try beginning with adding one glass of water extra each day or two, until you reach the desired amount of ounces.Now, I do not expect someone who weighs over 200 pounds to be drinking at least 100 ounces of water per day, at least not right in the beginning. But, try to drink at least 8 to 10, 8 ounce glasses per day, by the end of the 4 week time period.†††


  • Cut back on the foods you love the most that are not healthy.

I do not recall anyone ever saying that they would hate to give up broccoli or cauliflower, have you?Often times, what we hate to give up the most, causes the most problems. It is the carbohydrates, sugars, soda, ice cream, chocolate, processed foods, snacks, etc. that are the foods we love the most and hate to give up.Try to cut back on the foods you know are not good for you, and see the results at the end of the 4 weeks.


  • Get up and get moving.

I think the three reasons I hear the most for an individual not exercising are, no energy, no time, and no equipment.All of us have busy lives, but if we wait to have the energy, time, and equipment, we will most likely not follow through, and exercising will most likely not happen. Ease into the routine of exercise. If you do not have the luxury of a gym membership, think outside of the box.Create some convenient floor space.Shut the door and close the blinds.Tune in the radio to your favorite music, and start moving!It does not matter if you even know how to dance.Just move!Start with stretching.Then, add your arms, then your legs.Walk in place, or dance around.Just keep moving.Start with one or two songs, and keep increasing the length of time as you progress.Eventually, you will work your way up to being able to move and exercise for 30 minutes per day. Having said all of this, I do not want you to do so much exercise, that you cannot even walk the next day. Be smart.Be safe.Ease into your exercise routine and be consistent. Your health is your responsibility, so take on one of these challenges today, and start making a difference in your life, one healthy choice at a time!

If you have any questions for Lawrence, or would like a certain topic covered, please write to:


Each month, an MP3 of this section will be available, so that you may keep an audio reference of the advice given by Lawrence in this section.Here is the download link:



Look What I Found

Little Beaver Can Opener

By Roger Khouri


I wanted to let you all know about a different type of can opener available on the market that avoids the sharp edges of the lid. Whenever you have ever opened a can, such as tuna or beans, whether you have used an electric or conventional can opener, you have always had to be careful not to cut yourself because the lid was very sharp.  A few months ago, I purchased the Little Beaver can opener by Starfrit, and I have never looked back.  It feels the same, and you use it in a similar manner to the conventional can opener that you are used to, but there is one major difference.  It cuts along the sides of the can, just under the top lid.So, you totally never have to handle a sharp lid ever again.  It costs about the same as a conventional can opener so, for the added safety, I would suggest that you try to find one. I am not sure if this brand is available in your area but simply go to your favorite department store and ask them for a can opener that cuts along the sides of the can, instead of the typical can opener that cuts on the top around the lid.  Believe it or not, I have had friends who had to get stitches from cutting themselves on the lid.  So, for folks who are sighted, they too, face that risk, and for those who are blind, the chances are higher for cutting yourself on the lid.So, consider checking out this new type of can opener!


The Recipe Box

Dirt Dessert

By Suzy Barnes



1 stick (1/4 lb.) butter, softened

1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened

1 cup Confectionerís sugar (powdered sugar)

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 1/2 cups milk

2 small packages instant vanilla or milk chocolate pudding

8 ounces Cool Whip

1 20 ounce package original Oreos

Gummy worms



Crush Oreos by placing them in a plastic Ziploc bag, (About 20 at a time), and roll a can over the bag.Then, set aside in a separate bowl.Mix softened butter and cream cheese with a wire whisk. Add Confectionerís sugar and vanilla and set mixture aside.In larger, separate bowl, mix milk and pudding.Stir until thickened.Fold in Cool Whip.Then, fold in butter mixture.In glass dessert dish, or gardening pot, (see below), layer, starting with mixture, then add the cookies and continuing until everything is gone, (ending with crushed cookies on top).Refrigerate overnight.


** To make this extra special, place dessert in an actual gardening pot.You can purchase†††† either a plastic or pretty ceramic pot just to use for this recipe. Gummy worms can be added before the last layer of cookie crumbs, and extend out onto the top layer, but not necessary!You can also put an artificial flower in the middle of the pot for added effect.It really looks like dirt, especially when it is in a gardening container.It is a big hit when brought to the picnics and pot lucks!But, most importantly, it is really yummy!Enjoy!Best Dishes!


Dear Betty Blunt


Please note:

This submission is not to be taken seriously.It is just for fun! If you would like to submit a question for Miss Betty Blunt to answer, please write to:


She may or may not answer your question seriously, and she may or may not give you the answer you were hoping for, but one thingís for sure, you will get a good laugh out of her witty, bold, and blunt advice.She will often make comments that we all wish we could say, but are just too afraid to make. So, send in your questions, and letís see if she can help you with your relationship issues. Your initials, city, and state will be altered to conceal your identity.


Dear Betty Blunt,


I am visually impaired, and I have met someone special online who is also visually impaired.  People have asked me if it was love at first sight, and I am not sure how to respond.  Sight didn't have anything to do with us meeting and getting serious with one another, yet, love at first sight seems enchanting and romantic.  Give me something to tell people that would be equally lovy dovy.


Bellville, Scotland


Dear Hopeless Romantic,

Now, I have been around the block a few times, so I can testify that love at first sight is just something that sighted people say, because what they really mean is: quote I need an excuse to justify my quick romance. Quote.Not to fret, I have a simple response for you to describe your latest relationship in a way that others will understand in this day and age.Just say it was love at first chat, wink, ping, email, like, call, post, tweet and text end quote.Let Ďem stew on that for a while!


FYI:There is no such thing as a free lunch or free advice.So, please send your check or money order to me, in care of the yahoos that are censoring my valuable advice here!




Hot Links

Submitted by Debi Chatfield


  1. Access World



  1. Blind Bargains



  1. Dialogue Magazine



  1. Lions Club International



  1. Tape Ministries


Each month, we will showcase 5 blindness related websites that we hope will be useful to you.If you have any suggestions for this section, please write to:



Think Tank

By Charles Rivard and Mike


Thank you to everyone who submitted answers to last monthís brain teasers.Many of you were very close, but only three of you were right on the money!A big congratulations goes out to Brenda Green, Lee Smiley, and Ashish Singla for correctly answering both brain teasers!Suzy Barnes and Roger Khouri had a slam dunk with question number 2!Congratulations to all!


Here are the March brain teasers and their answers:

Question #1:

In our house, we have a clock that chimes the number of hours.For example, 8 times at 8 o clock, 10 times at 10 o clock, and so on.It chimes once every quarter hour.The other day, I came into the house.  A few minutes later, the clock chimed once.15 minutes later, it chimed once.  15 minutes later, it chimed once.  It chimed once 15 minutes later, once again, 15 minutes later, once 15 minutes later, once 15 minutes later.  What time was it when I first heard the clock chime?




Question #2:

You have 12 black socks and 12 white socks mixed up in a drawer. You're up very early and it is too dark to tell them apart. What's the smallest number of socks you need to take out (blindly) to be sure of having a matching pair?


Answer:3 socks.If the first sock is black, the second one could be black, in which case you have a matching pair. If the second sock is white, the third sock will be either black and match the first sock, or white and match the second sock.


Now, for our super duper April brain teasers!Can you solve these?Letís see who has their thinking cap on!


  1. During the latest round of the BrainBashers triathlon, Keith was fourth. Adrian is not the oldest, but is older than Duncan, who was not second. The child who was next in age to the youngest, finished second. The child who finished in third place is older than the child who finished first. Billy is younger than the child who finished in third place. Can you determine who finished where, and place the children in order of age?


2.You are the bus driver. At your first stop, you pick up 29 people. On your second stop, 18 of those 29 people get off, and at the same time 10 new passengers arrive. At your next stop, 3 of those 10 passengers get off, and 13 new passengers come on. On your fourth stop 4 of the remaining 10 passengers get off, 6 of those new 13 passengers get off as well, then 17 new passengers get on. What is the color of the bus driver's eyes?

Please submit the answers to these brain teasers to:


We will let you know if you are correct, and if so, we will publish your name in the May newsletter. Have fun trying to solve these puzzles!


Did You Know?

Cloud 9

By Katie Chandler


Someone who is extremely pleased or happy has long been described as being, quote on Cloud 9 end quote."The phrase is thought to come from the classification system used by the old United States Weather Bureau, which divided clouds into nine types.Cloud 9 was the dramatic Cumulonimbus, towering into the sky, and so to be on cloud 9 meant to feel or be very high.


Words to Live By

Submitted by Katie Chandler and Karen Santiago


Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

Napoleon Hill


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Mother Teresa


Assistance Needed

Paratransit Survey

By Cheryl Spencer


I am working on an assignment for work and it goes towards my annual evaluation.I am conducting a survey on the paratransit services in other cities across the country and I am hoping you will help me out by taking a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions about the paratransit service in your city.Thank you so much for taking the time to assist me with this project.Please send all answers to:



  1. In what city do you use paratransit?
  2. How much is your fare?
  3. What days of the week are you able to make reservations for a paratransit ride?
  4. What are the hours of operation for the transportation, and does it include weekend service?
  5. Do you have holiday service in your area?
  6. Is the service curbside, or is it door to door?
  7. Have you ever been denied service due to lack of availability?
  8. How long have you been a paratransit rider?
  9. What are the hours of operation for reservations?
  10. What do you like best about the service?
  11. What do you like least about the service?

A Round of Applause


What a blast we had playing our first real Newlywed Game last week!Our thanks go out to all of the couples for being good sports and providing us with plenty of laughs!We would like to thank Charlie and Arcy, Cornell and Diane, Gary and Fran, Thom and Tracy, and John and Debi for a fun look into their married lives! Big congratulations go out to Thom and Tracy, the winners of this hilarious game!They answered all of the questions correctly, and were awarded with an all expense paid trip around the world! Well, not exactly!Unfortunately, they were only given bragging rights for their efforts!But, congratulations anyway!The next Newlywed Game will be held on Friday, May 31 at 8pm eastern. See you there!


Speaking of bragging rights, here are our Farkle Tournament results from the games that were played on March 30!Way to go everyone!

Congratulations to Wade, for winning the Out-Of-Sight.net first Farkle
Tournament using the RS Games client! He had a whopping score of 10,650!
John Boy came in second place with a score of 9,400! Congratulations to you
both!  And, a big thank you goes out to all 27 Farkle Tournament players who
made the game a real fun time!  Thanks also to all of you who just came to
enjoy the festivities!  What a great crowd!


And, while we are passing around the thanks, our biggest thanks go out to you, our extended family on Out-Of-Sight!You participate and spend your time getting to know one another on the site. Without you, there would be no need for programming, no need for special activities, and no need to even have a site. So, thank you very much! Thanks for making this community an Out of Sight place to be!

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No, this is not Craigís List, but it is the next best thing!If you have something to sell or advertise, send us your ad, and we will post it, as long as there is space available in the newsletter.Send your ads to:



  • Blind Singles

Blind_singles is a discussion group for blind heterosexual singles above 18. It allows blind people to get to know each other, get to communicate, make friends and discuss on a variety of topics. To subscribe, you need to send a message to:

  • Fix the Web

Fix the Web is a web site that is trying to make the web more accessible. You report web sites you are having problems with, and a volunteer from the site will contact the company or web designer and let them know what they can do to make their site more accessible. This site is looking for reporters who are disabled, as well as volunteers to report to the website owners and designers. For more information, please check out: http://www.fixtheweb.net


  • Pen Pal Listing

My name is Adrijana Prokopenko, and I am a 34-year old totally blind lady from Macedonia. I work as an English teacher in a school for blind children and find my job very rewarding. Some of my interests include reading, spending time with friends, listening to music, traveling, doing volunteer work and making new friends. If you wish to email me or know someone who may, my email address is:

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Blind Romance Details


April foolís! We were just kidding about the new dating website. If you already created your profile we do apologize. Sure hope you had a good laugh! smile


Debi Chatfield



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