How to Configure the Lockdown Key
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1. Press alt and then the letter O (do not press these together”.
2. Press enter on “configure talk key”.
3. Press shift-tab to "assign pause key to lock talk key check box not checked" Press space bar here if you would
like to make your pause key your lock down key for playing golf, music or giving a lecture in a class. Otherwise you can shift-tab to scroll lock, print
screen, or middle mouse button for lock down key as well. Just remember whichever one you choose you must press space bar to check the option you would
like. 4. Once you’ve picked your lock down key tab back to “key Mode” and make sure it is the global mode that is checked,
if it is not just arrow up to check it.
5. Press tab to the OK button and press enter.
list end
Note that you will be told that you need to restart the client before these changes take effect.

Thanks to the people at for supplying these helpful hints.
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