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• F6 will go to the web browser and when you’ve finished just press another key such as F8 to go out again.
• F7 will take you to a list view where you can arrow up and down to see who’s in the room.
• F8 will take you to an edit field in which you can type a message which will be read by the entire room. (Remember
they will hear the message not you.) • F9 will take you to a window where you can read the text chat. If you have Jaws just press insert-ctrl-W to
virtualize the window and then ctrl-A to select all and ctrl-C to copy the information to the clipboard so that you could get a web address or e-mail address out of
the text window. When you’re done just press escape to go back to the chat room window.
• Alt-A will take you to a browser address bar in which you could type a web address and browse while in the room.
• Alt-d will disable your talk key so you could multitask and then just toggle it back by pressing alt-d once more.
• Alt-e will tell you who is speaking if you have sappy speech enabled.
• Alt-M will take you to your microphone settings where you can up arrow or down arrow to raise or lower your
microphone volume. • Alt-q will mute the music, talking or any room sound but allow you to still access your screen reader. Press alt-q
to toggle it back on. • Alt-S will take you to a volume setting for your speakers.p

Thanks to the people at for supplying these helpful hints.
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