About Us

Out-Of-Sight is a non-profit corporation and a community made up of primarily blind and visually impaired members. It was launched in January 2008 by 27 founding members, including the late Bruce Riddle, whose untimely death occurred in October 2009. We currently have over 1200 members from 25 countries around the world. It is a voice-based site, which requires the use of a microphone for participation. Each week we provide many events and programs to our members such as, interactive games, technical computer assistance, chess instruction, product presentations, interviews, adaptive cooking instruction, Apple products discussion groups, a book club, and a live On Stage event, which exhibits the musical talents of our members. Casual, informal chat is also a significant part of our activities. We think of ourselves as a family whose members offer support and share knowledge, information, laughs, and just basic fun times. If you have not already done so, please come and join us.
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